LipSense Black Friday Sale Sneak Preview

Don’t know if you guys have heard about Lip Sense, but its all the rage these days. What’s Lip Sense? Its an amazing new long-lasting lip color thats not lipstick and its not a lip stain, its something completely different, and completely wonderful!

We won’t bore you with all of the details, but simply said: LipSense is a pharmaceutical grade cosmetic product that lasts anywhere between 4–18 hours with a single application. That right! That means no more smudging, wearing, or maintenance applications. You know, all of the stuff that makes regular lipstick a hassle.

And the good news is, LipSense is also vegan, GMO Free, Gluten Free, Lead Free and never tested on animals. Oh and its also made in the United States!

We are loving the LipSense at Ocean Med Spa and we know that you will too. So for special Black Friday & Cyber Monday Special we have a great introductory deal for you guys:

Buy ANY Color & Gloss and we’ll throw in the Ooops Remover for FREE!

Colors are $25 and Glosses are $10. So be sure to stop by the Spa to take a look at all of the beautiful shades in person! You won’t believe your eyes!

Ocean Med Spa


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